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It’s likely that your home’s sewer and drain lines are out of sight, out of mind. But the functionality of your home relies on its water supply and drain lines, which carry the unwanted water and waste away. Sluggish or clogged drains can cause damage to your property! Don’t let a small issue turn into a catastrophic plumbing problem. Ascension Plumbing has the experience and know-how needed to accurately diagnose, repair, and maintain your home’s line quickly and effectively.

  • Leak Detection: From small leaks that require only minor repairs to large issues that call for major fixes, our technicians quickly identify and diagnose any issues.
  • Drain Cleaning: If you’ve noticed a blockage affecting your drains, don’t hesitate to contact Ascension Plumbing. Our expert technicians offer the fast, reliable drain cleaning services.
  • Water Mains: We can identify any issues quickly and make water main repair or replacment recommendations that best suit your existing infrastructure as well as your budget constraints.
  • Sewer Lines: It’s one thing when your bathtub drain gets clogged, but it’s another when your entire sewer line gets clogged. We use video technology to find the exact cause of the problem in order to make the proper repairs.

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